It’s about the outcomes. Employers have retirement plans to help their employees achieve positive retirement savings outcomes. At EPIC Retirement Plan Services, we work with our advisor partners to develop customized education game plans that are focused on:

  • de-mystifying retirement savings and investing
  • creating an understanding of savings goals and good saving habits
  • managing natural behaviors, such as wanting to “sell out” in bad markets

Not surprisingly, better understanding and participation leads to increased appreciation for this important employer-provided benefit.

Of course, EPIC Retirement Plan Services has a comprehensive suite of industry leading tools to assist participants in making investment and savings decisions. You can check out some of these tools under the Participant Resources section of this website.

EPIC RPS also provides Department of Labor and IRS required notices such as:

  • 404a-5
  • QDIA (if applicable)
  • Quarterly Statements
  • Summary Plan Descriptions
  • Summary of Material Modification
  • Safe Harbor (if applicable)
  • Automatic Contribution Arrangement (if applicable)